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Features of best web app agencies


By Alireza

4 January 2023 • 5 min read

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Features of best web app agencies


Almost all entrepreneurs have experienced this scenario: "Spending so much money and time on developing an app for your business only to find out no one is willing to download it!" But don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean your business app is a failure, but simply because nowadays, people are more comfortable using web applications.

The reasons are obvious:

  • These apps don’t use your device’s memory, RAM, CPU, etc.
  • You don’t have to go through all the steps of downloading, installing, and updating them every now and then.
  • They integrate with any device and any operating system.
  • And more importantly, web app development costs far less than developing an app for your business.

But there’s only a slight problem here for entrepreneurs: How to find the best web app developers to order your app? In the following, we’ll outline all you need to know about the necessary features web application agencies must offer. Then we’ll go over how you can find the most professional developers for your business. Keep reading!

What are the key features of web applications?

Of course, each application has its unique features based on the type of business and its goals. However, there are some must-have features that most professional web-based application developers offer.


One of the biggest mistakes most companies make is that they care more about displaying their application or website on a laptop than on a mobile phone. But today, most users prefer smartphones over laptops to access websites and applications. So, the most essential feature of a modern web application (WA) is to be compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and other devices besides laptops.


If you don’t want your users to miss out on the latest news, offers, updates, and so on, you’ll have to add push notifications to the list of necessary features. Push notifications make sure your users will get the information firsthand while they are doing their choirs.
Although notifications can inform customers and increase your site traffic, they can have an undesirable effect if not used wisely. Too many notifications will only disturb your users. So, only use this feature for special occasions when you have something your audience will most likely appreciate.

Strong security

Although security is the number three feature on this list, it must be your number one priority. The best web app developers, such as the Communere Ltd team, use the HTTPS protocol to secure users’ connections and transactions. In addition, HTTPS protocol ensures that your users’ accounts, identities, and communications are private and safe. And the safer your web app is, the more credit it gets from Google. So HTTPS can positively affect your SEO as well.

Add to the home screen

Add to the home screen is a unique feature in web apps that make them seem like native apps. With just two simple clicks, users can add any WA to their home screen and use them as a native app. However, they come with many advantages:

  • Users don’t need to download, install, or update WPs, unlike native apps.
  • This feature will increase users’ satisfaction as it helps them access the website with just a click.
  • Businesses can develop a web application and have a native application as well.
  • It will improve users’ engagement rate.

If you own a small business, this feature might seem unnecessary. However, over time your business will grow, and you’ll end up with too much information on your WA, which gets hard to sort out daily. So, with all that, how do you expect your users to find anything on that web app? That’s why a smart search bar is an important feature to add when developing a web-based application. For a better user experience, you can also add a filter section so your customers can search for their products or service more precisely.

Integrated analytics

What is the most significant part of any business? Yes, it's data! Why? Because it’s the most critical factor that can guarantee a business's success. With data, you can plan your next step and change your strategies if needed. It’s the only way to ensure your business is on the right path. As with any part of your business, you need to gather data and insights from your web app. That’s where integrated analytics comes to help. Instead of analysing each web app section, you can use its analytics to check its performance and how customers have responded. Then you can decide what changes are necessary to improve sales and take your business to the next level.

Touch or face ID

We all know how it feels like when you can’t remember your password to log into your account. You must go through many steps just to recover and change your password. But this problem was solved a long time ago. Now you can log in to any account in a matter of seconds. How? By touch or face ID. Unless you need a web application for businesses such as e-wallets, which require higher levels of security, integrated IDs can be a significant advantage.

web app developers at Communere Ltd

How to find the best enterprise web and app developers?

To find the best developers, you need to pay close attention to what they offer. In addition to the above features, finding a professional team that understands your requirements is vital. Based on customer reviews, the Communere Ltd team develop each web app based on businesses' goals and visions. Communere developers first try to understand the nature of your business and what you aim to achieve. Then, they’ll develop and design your web app based on your mission. Moreover, a professional development company have:

  • The latest technologies and tools
  • Enough knowledge about your industry
  • Reasonable prices for their services
  • Excellent portfolios that you can find all over the internet All of which you can find on the Communere Ltd. Website.

Bottom line

Web app development is not something to be taken lightly. It will affect all aspects of your business. An enterprise web application directly impacts customers’ experience, satisfaction, loyalty, and, more importantly, how they see you within your industry. Communere developers make sure all your requirements have been met. Communere's professional team first examines each business separately based on the type of industry, target audience, and target market. Then they design an exclusive web-based application so that it can have the most professional performance in addition to having a simple interface.

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