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How to Work Efficiently During Quarantine

Sarah Murphy

By Sarah Murphy

10 September 2022 • 3 min read

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How to Work Efficiently During Quarantine

Achieving peak performance during quarantine at work is going to be a challenge for most people, we are used to clear targets and busy work environments.

We have put together a short guide to working effectively, while looking after your mental health during social distancing or self-isolation during the next weeks or months.

7am – 8am Yoga or Meditation

Ensure that you are starting the day in a peaceful and calm way. Set intentions for the day as to what you wish to achieve and try your best to stick with them!

8am - Breakfast

Stick to something healthy; with food shortages now, it can be difficult to get hold of fresh fruits, a great way to get in the vitamins and minerals needed is to buy frozen fruits. Frozen fruit in porridge or granola and heated fruits are a perfect way to feel fresh and ready after your yoga session.

9am – Start Work

Ensuring you have a workspace that is not connected to your “normal” day to day household activities is important in order to be able to disconnect from work in the evenings. Ideally this would be an office with its own desk.

A dining table does also work, although make sure to clear your laptop away in the evening so that home life remains just that, home life.

11am to 11.15am – Go for a Walk

Get outside! With Spring on the way, there will be hopefully plenty of sun to brighten our days over the coming weeks/ months. The most important thing to remember is to get some Vit D. For most people, commuting provides a small amount of their daily walking/ exercise.

This is a great time to walk to the end of the road and back again to boost productivity and making sure you still get steps in. Of course, while self-isolating/ social distancing, remember to stay 2 metres away from everyone else.

1pm – Run

A quick run to boost your immunity and keep your focus throughout the rest of the afternoon is an ideal way to spend half of your lunch break.

1.30pm - Lunch

Keeping with the theme of a healthy lifestyle; lunch should be a mix of at least 3 different types of vegetables and wholegrain foods such as brown rice, wholegrain pasta or chickpea pasta. Our immune systems need as much goodness as possible in their diet currently. Some other lunchtime alternatives:

  • Vegetable Soups & wholegrain bread. Make a batch of a vegetable soup on Sunday evening and make enough to last the week.
  • Rice noodles and vegetables with meat or tofu of your choice. Keep it colourful and add lots of fresh vegetables
  • Vegetables & couscous with sauce. Again, a super cheap and healthy way to boost your immunity during these tricky times.

2pm-5pm Work Tasks

Meetings galore and keeping in touch with management, ensuring all things are tied up and finished off so that you can enjoy your evening.

6pm Dinner & Evening Time

Family dinner time to rest and unwind, spending time together as a family is vital right now. Some great easy dinner ideas can be found here at Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. These are healthy and will be great to get kids involved in making too!

This healthy guide will enable you to save money every day, boost your immunity and keep you from feeling like you’re working all day everyday from home. Hope this helps!

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