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Glimpsing into the Future of AI: Insights from Microsoft Reactor 2023


By Sirwan

21 September 2023 • 2 min read

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Glimpsing into the Future of AI: Insights from Microsoft Reactor 2023

It was an enlightening day for us at Communere as our CEO, Ben, and I had the privilege to attend a compelling by Microsoft Reactor at Microsoft London Paddington office. The event revolved around the rapidly evolving landscape of #AI, featuring two gripping sessions. Nikhil Sehgal, an entrepreneur with hands-on experience in AI, kicked things off with an intriguing talk about AI agents training Language Learning Models (LLMs) like the GPT-family on Azure OpenAI. He delved into the idea that these AI agents could soon autonomously execute tasks in real-world environments for fields such as IT support or sales, introducing a new era where businesses could “hire” AI for entire workflows.

Amy Kate Boyd took the stage next with her session titled “AI without Data is like Bonny without Clyde,” stressing the indispensability of data in AI workloads. She covered various facets including preparing your data platform for AI applications and integrating cutting-edge models into Microsoft’s broader ecosystem. Responsible AI, especially in the age of Generative AI, was another hot topic she covered.

Both sessions underlined that while AI technology is undoubtedly progressing at breakneck speed, equal emphasis must be placed on the data infrastructures that enable these advancements. All in all, it was an eye-opening experience that certainly broadened our perspective on the current and future potentials of AI.

In addition to gaining technical knowledge, it was a wonderful experience to meet and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and discover the remarkable work taking place in this innovative field. I had the opportunity to engage in conversations with people like Ed Seen, who possesses extensive expertise in Cloud, DevOps, and Machine Learning. Similarly, I had an insightful discussion with Francesca Parris, a dedicated student eager to expand her knowledge in the realm of technology, among others.

Thanks Microsoft Reactor & Liam Hampton for organising this event. Looking forward to attending more such events in the future.

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