Axgio’s Apollo, AI- Automated Machine Learning Platform

Agxio is an award-winning life science and agritech business in the health, pet, agriculture, and fintech industries. Founded in 2018 by a world-class team of technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and practitioners, Agxio has developed a range of expert AI applications that deliver beyond-human solutions to solve complex, real-world problems.


The Task

Communere was tasked to build a machine learning platform for Agxio. Axgio’s data scientists were to use this platform to build enhanced parameterized algorithms to predict any and all data problems, from credit card fraud in a bank to cancer detection in pathology.
The platform had to have an intuitive design and work with massive datasets of various formats, including image sets. It would have the flexibility of a bespoke app and provide the data scientist with charts and model analyses. The platform’s core functionality had to be developed in Python, and the UI was to be that of a scalable web-based real-time desktop app.

The Task

Communere’s Approach

We approached an expert within our network who had extensive knowledge of machine learning,algorithms, Python,and APIs. We secured this expert as the project lead and assigned the main coding to our React Native developers, experts in real-time socket development and GraphQL.
Having agreed on the project's scope and timelines, we worked with Agxio's chief architect to break the task into weekly deliverables using agile methodologies. We had daily scrums to discuss the tasks, report progress, and exchange valuable feedback. In addition, Agxio's UX designer worked closely with our front-end developers to implement their Figma designs.

Communere’s Approach

The Results

Although this was a challenge, our team successfully deployed a complex architecture and completed the brief. Communere's machine learning experts developed a comprehensive set of functions and libraries that push the limits and save Agxio weeks of inefficient work. Now, Agxio’s data scientists can provide their customers with a world-class set of algorithms and prediction engines to be used in pathology, skin care, pet biometrics, IoT sensors, and wealth management.

The Results
Agxio case study

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