Galen - AI-powered Microbiome Analysis Software


The Challenge

Our client Agxio faced a specific need for an innovative solution to significantly expedite the process while maintaining accuracy and adaptability in microbiome analysis. Traditional methods were time-consuming, often taking 4-6 weeks to complete, leading to delays in critical decision-making for health and performance optimisation. Additionally, with the rapid pace of discoveries in microbiome science, they required a platform that could integrate new rules of logic to keep pace with evolving knowledge.

The Challenge

The Approach

Recognising the situation's urgency and leveraging AI and machine learning expertise, we assembled a dedicated development team of experienced software engineers, designers, system analysts, and project managers. They proceeded to create GALEN - the Microbiome Rules-Based Analytics Engine. GALEN's innovative approach addressed the challenges at multiple levels:

Fast and Efficient:

GALEN drastically reduced the turnaround time from weeks to 24-48 hours by streamlining the microbiome analysis process. This speed allowed the client to provide farmers with the ability to make timely, data-driven health and performance management decisions.

Adaptable Rule Logic:

GALEN's foundation on rules-based analysis empowered users to craft and adapt their rule logic. This meant the system could seamlessly incorporate new insights and breakthroughs in microbiome science, ensuring the client was continuously operating on the cutting edge of knowledge.

Robust Audit Trail:

GALEN's extensive library and storage capacity provided a dependable audit trail for all patient microbiome analyses. This ensured data integrity and facilitated retrospective analysis and compliance with regulatory requirements.

User-Friendly Interface:

Designed with a focus on efficiency, GALEN's intuitive workflow logic simplified the process of uploading and retrieving data. This user-friendly interface enhanced the overall user experience, reducing the learning curve for the client's team.

Microbiome Snapshot:

GALEN's ability to automatically generate phylogenetic trees offered a quick snapshot of microbiome analysis. This feature enabled rapid comparison of species abundance across multiple samples within seconds, providing valuable insights at a glance.

Uninterrupted Integration:

The platform's compatibility with various data formats, including CSV files processed through MiSeq and Illumina, ensured easy integration into multiple commercial environments. This versatility maximised the platform's potential applications across different sectors.
The Approach

The Result

With GALEN in operation, our client experienced a paradigm shift in microbiome analysis: Rapid Results: Analysis and reporting, once a lengthy process, now take mere seconds, thanks to the automated reporting system integrated into GALEN. Enhanced Nutritional Management: The rules-based microbiome data analysis empowered the client to optimise animal health and performance through tailored nutritional management strategies. Diverse Applications: GALEN's core microbiome analysis capabilities found extensive applications in agriculture, human health, and environmental sectors, propelling the client towards world-leading solutions. Communere's advanced AI-based solution, GALEN, not only redefined microbiome analysis for our client but also opened up new possibilities for innovation and research in multiple domains. We have positioned our client at the forefront of AgriTech by addressing the challenges head-on and delivering tangible results.

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